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Donny Lee
ERA Executive Group Division Director
ERA Company Trainer

Founder Donny Lee Divisions
Preeminent Group
Rising Millionaire 2021 2022 2023
13 Times Diamond Achiever

M: +65 9369 9635
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Donny Lee is a trainer in ERA and also a Executive Team Leader in ERA #1 CHAMPION Team – Preeminent Group.

Donny rose from a rookie real estate agent to a Top Achiever in the company within 2 years. He receives ERA's Top Achiever Award consistently year after year while his team also wins the Champion Team in ERA.

Growing up in a humble family of 6 that stays in a 3-room HDB flat, Donny is determined to make a mark in his life so that he can provide a better life for his parents and siblings. Being the eldest in the family, he knows he have to lead by example so that he can have a positive influence on his siblings.


Donny understands that to make the most money within the shortest possible time, sales is the only way to go. He tried many different sales jobs during his early working years but none of them can give him the kind of job satisfaction that he is looking for.  Until one day, someone introduced him to real estate and instantly he knew he had found his passion and calling!


Life as a realtor is not always a bed of roses.  In his early part of this career, he had his fair shares of challenges in both personal sales and team building. No matter what he did, he didn’t seem to be making enough money. His team sales were also suffering.


Finally after more than 1 year of hard knocks, Donny finally found the ANSWER. He starts to close more deals consistently and his team starts to make more money regardless of the market sentiment.


During his struggles, Donny made a promise to himself. He promised that if he ever become successful, he will want to help more people to achieve their dreams in real estate by imparting all that he learnt. He kept his promise and stepped up to be a trainer for the company when the opportunity arose. Conducting training at company level, allows him to touch more lives and coach more agents to excel in this trade. 


To Donny, life is not only about making money. Donny finds greater joy, satisfaction and fulfillment when his team makes their mark. To him, that is true happiness!


Today, Donny is an entrepreneur, property investor, coach and mentor to many team leaders and agents in the number #1 CHAMPION team in ERA. He is also a company trainer with a strong sales force of more than 8400 agents.

ERA Millionaire 
Featured On Channel 8
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Division Bonding
Division Continuous Weekly Training & Support
Dedication To One To One Coaching
Celebrate Win Together
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Conduct Training For ERA (Covid Period)
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Conduct Training For ERA (Pre-Covid Period)
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ERA Project Division Director
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My Accolades
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join era
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Covid Period Award Presentation
Award Presentation By Minister Of Home Affairs - Mr Desmond Tan
Award Presentation By Minister Of Health - Mr Ong Ye Kung
Award Presentation By Minister Of State / Health Care/ Manpower - Ms Gan Siow Huang
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Centurion Cup Holder
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Division Yearly Celebration
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#DLD Agent Success Stories
Donny Lee Division's Success Stories
"Velisa came from an insurance background and also a working mum. She has always sought for a career that is more rewarding and also in the trade of helping people. And also allow her the flexibility to take care of her children when she needs to. Hence she decides to join real estate. 
With the one to one coaching provided, I also help her to understand her strengths and weakness. Our group also help to give her crystal clear direction on how to run this business effectively
We are very proud of her as it is not easy for a working mum to perform well. Recently she duplicates our success and achieved a groundbreaking 6 figure income in a single month and also attained the highly coveted R.Millionaire of ERA earning close to $1,000,000 in sale commission in a single year.

Velisa Leong
Senior Marketing Director, Top Achiever & ERA R.Millionaire

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