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As a team leader myself, I know how challenging it can be for you.


Managing personal sales on top of monitoring team sales can be taxing and this journey can sometimes feel lonely. Do you feel tired and burnt out at times?

How about getting onto a stronger/bigger platform where you and your team can leverage on valuable resources?"


Tap onto our PG Success Road Map and duplicate your success with us!" 


Experienced Team Leaders

Ask Yourself These

1) Do you wish that you and your team have more success in both yours and their career and at the same time achieving a work/life balance in the next 5 to 10 years time? 

2) Are you currently an award winning team leader seeking for a new breakthrough?

3) Are you feeling stagnated in your career and long for a new challenge?

4) Are you facing the challenge of your agents not making enough money because of the current market sentiment?

5) Are you facing a drop in team sales ever since the implementation of cooling measures?

6) Are you facing the challenge of retaining your agents because they can’t earn enough?

7) Are you facing the stress of managing your personal sales, as well as managing your agents’ at the same time? 


8) Are you looking for more effective training programs to help you better equip your agents to close more sales?


9) Are you feeling helpless due to the lack of quality products (e.g. New Home Sales) for you and your agents to sell?


8) Are you and your team feeling lost and find yourselves flopping around like a headless chicken?


9) Are you and your team worried about technology disruption that can potentially cause your income to drop drastically?


10) Are you at a place where your company does not invest in cutting edge IT systems that can help make your work more efficient and effective?


11) Best of all, have you ever wondered "Maybe you don't know what you don't know?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, I CAN HELP YOU! 

ERA Top Team

Register for a discussion with Donny now! 

This could possibly be the most important turning point in your career! 

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